ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems

Bureau Veritas Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) Foundation (1-day)

Is the vision for your business is to exceed customer expectation and increase competitor-advantage? Then your strategy should include the develop and implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS). An effective QMS will allow you to deliver consistent quality products and services.

With business focused on ever higher quality expectations, you need to ensure your team has the required knowledge, skills and behaviours required to design, deploy and control all aspects of customer satisfaction.

The vision moves beyond the focus on process and ensures that the business is driven towards improving the performance of its product and services. To maintain the performance of the system it is essential that your team has the right mindset. Our qualification linked to ISO 9001: 2015 are as follows:

Bureau Veritas Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001:2015) Internal Auditor (2-day)

The core ‘mindset’ tools and techniques needed by any Auditor to ensure they have the independence, capability and understanding of the requirements expected of a professional undertaking audit activities.

  • Understand key concepts.
  • Recognise how Plan-Do-Check-Act process approach enables a business to plan its activities and interactions.
  • Introduction of risk-based thinking and how the latest revision has moved away from a prescriptive to a more flexible approach for processes, documentation and leadership responsibility.
  • How to initiate, plan, action, control and reporting process of an audit activity.

We understand that not everyone in the team will need the full technical toolkit and have re-modelled our training into a modular format, to offer a solution to meet your tailored requirements:

  1. ISO 9001:2015 technical knowledge – 1 day
  2. Internal Principles – 1 day

Regardless of the route taken, the successful candidate will learn the following:


The NEW Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship Standard at Level 4 has been recently published, which gives you the extra flexibility to develop your career in the Quality field.

If after completing the Bureau Veritas Internal Auditor training, you want to build the capability within your organisation, why not go for the added qualification with an apprenticeship and get a minimum of 95% of the training funded!!

They will follow a path over 12 – 14 months of learning which delivers the Quality Practitioner of tomorrow, today.

For more details on how a Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship can benefit you and your people, click here.


they’ll learn

  • Seven quality management principles.
  • Key terms, clauses and definitions adapted to organisation context.
  • Requirements on planning audit activities.
  • How to develop an organisation context that links interested parties, risk and processes.


they’ll develop

  • Initiate audits.
  • Plan audit activities.
  • Close out an audit and report.
  • Focus on the continual improvement of the activity undertaken.


they’ll adopt

  • Use emotional intelligence to engage senior leadership.
  • Professionalism – High standards on integrity, ethics and trust in the organisational culture.
  • Professional manner in line with your business, trusted to work on their own.
  • Pro-active approach to challenging the work practices.
  • Think like the customer.