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Get the results you deserve, with accredited Lean and Six Sigma Training

Whyy Change can help your business improve by offering the following services:

Lean & Six Sigma and Operational Excellence

Using proven Quality and Operational Excellence principles to deliver improved outcomes for your organisation.

Our people centric approach to transformation is based on partnering with your teams to solve challenging problems and unlock value.


As the skill shortage grows, now is the time to equip the workforce with the capabilities needed to embed quality and deliver sustained benefits.

CMI Accredited Leadership and Management Training

Every Business needs effective Leadership and Management. Our CMI Approved Leadership and Management Courses ensure your staff have the key skills to be successful leaders.

Corporate Risk Assurance Consulting

Business is risky. As leaders’ our purpose is to build resilience in response to disruption to our operation.

Our approach to governance, assurance and management system design is tailored to fit your organisational needs.

Sales Training and Consultancy

People buy from people, and so our approach to sales and negotiation is to understand the behaviours, communicating styles and drivers of all stakeholders.

Our focus will be to work with your team to understand the science, and design a comprehensive sales strategy for your organisation.

Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy

You have a great product delivered by a great team. Without a way to reach others, it won’t get much traction.

This is our passion! We know the technology and channels, and know that the only route to success is to fully immerse ourselves in your business. We want to know more about you than you do.

Branding and Website Design

A shop window without a name is no business at all. Understanding your passion, allows us to create that unique image of your successful business.

We provide optimised mobile-friendly website packages that suits your needs.

Business Process Services

We all know it’s the team that creates the business success, but don’t always have the right skills available.

We offer a range of professional services to allow you to focus on your customers.

Through our extensive experience, Whyy Change know our services are valuable for any sector, and any size of organisation. The following industry sectors are where we have deployed our specialists:

Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Materials

  • Defence & Aerospace Contractors
  • Healthcare Technology

Business & Professional Services

  • Banking
  • Legal Services
  • Contact Centres

Construction & Infrastructure

  • Home Builders
  • Gas Networks and Contracting Partners

Supply Chain & Transportation

  •  Haulage & Warehouse

Top 5 benefits of hiring Whyy? As your Business Coach

As individuals’ we all know the benefit of being qualified to practice. As a team, we know the added value that can be created by offering a broad range of relevant services to your organisation. But what about you? Do you think you could benefit from a coach?

Get the most out of your employees

The more you are able to get out of your employees, the more your business will achieve. A good business coach will offer useful advice, strategies and suggestions that will help you to use the talent in your workforce to benefit your business.

Benefit from an honest assessment

Whether you are pleased with the feedback or not so pleased, a good business coach will give you an honest opinion of the current strengths and weaknesses of your employees and your business as a whole. Sometimes, the simple act of bringing in an experienced ‘outsider’ to the business can shed new light on existing processes and problems.

Short-cut to knowledge and information

Business coaches and consultants have a wealth of knowledge and information which they can use to help you succeed. Some may prefer to learn valuable business lessons as they go, but a coach can offer a sort of ‘short-cut’ to that information.

To implement methodologies

There are many methodologies and systems that when implemented correctly, have the ability to enhance the efficiency and the organisation of the business. A coach can facilitate continuous improvement and implement lean six sigma methodologies that will improve the performance of your business.

Help with short term projects

Taking on a consultant to undertake short-term projects when you need additional assistance or a specialised set of skills can be extremely useful. They can often jump straight into projects with little training, ensuring that the work goes smoothly.

Are you ready to ask Whyy?

Just a quick note to say thank you for the course attended and the review yesterday. It was very enjoyable. Your delivery made it (what I have been told is a fairly dry subject) interesting and easy to get into the mind-set of the principles. I’ve told several my colleagues since attending the course just how good it was and most have been surprised that a Lean & Six Sigma course could be interesting.

University of Sheffield Dr Jon Stammers MIETAdvanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing

Thank you for your support and experience in supporting the development our strategic operating plan and marketing strategy. I am delighted to announce that it helps us win our largest nuclear sector contract to date. We see this as a partnership and will be working with TWA to support the plan deployment over the coming year.

Eaves Infrastructure

The Lean Sigma Yellow Belt training is a thoroughly engaging and thought provoking course which will undoubtedly help us to drive our business forward in a structured and successful manner. It is wonderful to see that all levels of the company are now excited for what the future holds.

Jessica Penny, General ManagerPenny Hydraulics