Bureau Veritas Internal Auditor Certificate in ISO 9001:2018, Lean6 YELLOW3 certificate, Institute for Apprenticeship Quality Practitioner apprenticeship and CQI Student Membership

The Quality Profession can now rest easy, with the launch in September 2020

 of the new Quality Practitioner standard (ref ST0853). This gives you and your organisation the opportunity to access a minimum of 95% funding for developing the Quality Leaders of the future.

Here at Whyy? we specialise in Quality and Continuous Improvement and align ourselves with the strongest accreditation bodies and partners in the field. Our role is to plan for success where we ensure the learner is eligible to take on the most comprehensive learning experience of their career.

To be eligible for this apprenticeship, your people need to be employed and working at least 30 hours per week, live in England and the apprenticeship content needs to be significant new knowledge and develop new skills.

It is critical for your organisation and the apprentice that they can apply their new skills and a tri-party commitment to give a minimum of 20% of their time must be agreed.

It’s always a challenge, but if the enhanced capabilities brought to the business by the apprentice is your strategic goal then its our job to find the ‘how’ to nurture this talent. This can include direct learning sessions, writing assignment, projects and the applying their new skills in your workplace.

Our advisory service is for the following certified management systems:

  • Planning
  • Assurance
  • Control
  • Continuous improvement

The genius in this standard, is that Whyy? cannot mark their own homework, and as such an independent End-point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) will be contracted with to apply a grading.


If your business needs support in designing, managing or evaluating your quality processes and practices systems, why not ask us how we can support your teams in managing your quality systems.

Hot off the presses, we are now able to deliver the Quality Practitioner Level 4 standard as an apprenticeship. This learning gives the learner the technical and professional skills to be recognised by the Chartered Quality Institute as a Practitioner.


they’ll learn

  • Understand the internal & external operating environment.
  • Methods to identify customer requirements.
  • How to plan, measure, manage & monitor quality objectives.
  • Key quality improvement tools & techniques.
  • Principles of ISO 9001:2015
  • Assess the effectiveness of measurement systems.


they’ll develop

  • Plan and conduct system, product or process audits.
  • Plan, develop and control ‘industry leading’ audit activities.
  • Communicate using appropriate methods.
  • Identify gaps in process performance.
  • Develop improvement plans.
  • Influence internal and external stakeholders.


they’ll adopt

  • Be professional and operate diligently.
  • Placing the customer at the heart of every task.
  • Be responsible, be resilient… be a determined and accountable decision maker.
  • The art of ‘team working’. Build trust within the wider team.