BS EN 9100:2018 (AS9100 Rev. D) – Quality Management System, Requirements for Aviation & Defence Organisations

The 9100 series are a prerequisite to the Aerospace supply chain and was developed and revised by The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) to primarily support organisations who procure, design or develop products or services within the Aerospace supply chain.  The standards can also be used by other industries where the quality management system requirements need more stringent controls over and above implementation of ISO 9001:2015.

By adopting BS EN 9100:2018 (AS9100 Rev.D) you are addressing to complexity associated with delivering the exceedingly high safety and defect-free requirements demanded by customers, regulatory bodies and international governments.

The enhancements focus on product safety and reliability over the entire lifecycle of any product or service and include over 100+ aerospace specific requirements.

The Aerospace industry ever higher standards and performance. This certificate and the insights gained from our industry practicing experts will give you the tools and insights to thrive and make the most of the opportunities.

Due to the complexities of aviation, defence and space products, BS EN 9100:2018, Rev. D elevates how to think about risk, and sets out a formal process to express how to deal with operational risk with the goal of developing a focus on:

  • Understanding risk impacts on operational processes;
  • Making decisions on operational processes and actions to manage (e.g., prevent, mitigate, control) potential undesired effects.


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they’ll learn

  • Overview of AS9100 Rev D requirements.
  • Key terms, clauses and definitions linked to AS9100 Rev D.
  • Identify how to approach product safety and prevention of counterfeit parts.
  • How to develop a organisation context that links interested parties, risk and processes.


they’ll develop

  • Understand how to lead the organisation in applying the requirements of BS EN 9100:2018
  • Plan, develop and control ‘industry leading’ audit activities.
  • Importance of calibration and evaluation of measurement system.


they’ll adopt

  • Team working and accountability.
  • Professionalism –  High standards on integrity, ethics and trust in the organisational culture.
  • Pro-active approach to challenging the work practices.