Quality management network

Welcome to South Yorkshire’s Leading Quality Management Network.

We help quality managers in South Yorkshire improve and achieve certification.

If you’re a Quality Manager or have quality as part of your job role, you’ll know that ISO certification is great to have. It can help your business to win more lucrative contracts and will allow you to work with bigger companies. Many Quality Managers have a good understanding of how to achieve ISO certification, but they want to share ideas and best practice. They want to develop their understanding of the certification processes with their peers.

Because quality is quite a niche area, there are only a limited number of thought leaders in the quality arena. Events and networking has been focused in the south of the country in the past. But Whyy? Change is breaking the mould by creating a northern network.

We’ve launched this quality leaders’ network in South Yorkshire to give hundreds of quality managers the opportunity to get together, share ideas and best practice. We’ll work in partnership to make South Yorkshire a leader in quality excellence.

If your business isn’t already ISO certified, you can meet quality managers who have achieved certification and get help from qualified consultants to navigate your way through the process. If you’re already certified and want to meet additional standards or migrate to a new standard, our network can help you to make the process run smoothly.

The quality certifications we cover are:

A hot topic right now for our network is the upcoming requirement to migrate from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 by March 2021. Many of our members are facing this hurdle, and it’s something we will work through together. Another popular learning area is the transition from ISO9001:2008 to ISO9001:2015. If you have recently lost accreditation when the changes took place, this network can help you to reach the 2015 standard.

Join our friendly group of experienced quality management systems managers. We have a wide range of business management experience. We hold regular learning events and networking sessions and we’d love you to join us. Just fill in our contact form or email quality@whyychange.com to join our mailing list.

Why is quality management important?

As your business grows and you’re looking to secure tenders from government organisations, the health sector and big national or multinational companies, you will be asked for certification. They need to see this to prove that you’re meeting all the required standards. They won’t work with companies who don’t have the right certificates.

Quality standards that are consistent across the world make national trade more efficient and make international trade more reliable.

What is ISO?

ISO is the International Organisation for Standardization. It publishes a set of international best practice standards and guidelines that every professional organisation can adhere to. The standards are a mark of excellence that provide reassurance that your company is providing consistent high-quality products, services and safety standards.

Quality standards exist for every business sector, from food safety to aerospace and every sector in between.

Why does quality management fail?

Many businesses are growing rapidly and need to achieve certification quickly. They put standards in place but might not have the time to implement sustainable systems. This makes maintenance and migration to new standards difficult. The world’s best businesses have high quality systems, processes and procedures. We can learn from these together to help us keep our own companies at the top of their game.