CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing

Do you have a team of Marketing Executives, Communications Specialists or Marketing Officer who are crying out for an industry leading, internationally recognised qualification in Marketing?… this could be the course for your people.

Whyy? Is a Chartered Institute of Marketing study centre with a quality track record for delivery.

Once they’ve worked through the 3 modules for the Level 4 Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing they’ll have the distinct advantages of keeping ahead of your competition and applying the latest trends.

Your clients will have increased confidence in your credibility as a marketing business… giving you a competitive edge in a global market place.

Your team will have the priceless opportunity to network with other like minded, creative individuals. 

How often does a course just teach the knowledge but doesn’t provide the skills to put that know how into practise… this Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate does exactly that and more.


If you’re thinking about your people taking the Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing, why not go for the added qualification of a Marketing Executive Apprenticeship and get a minimum of 95% of the training funded!!

The apprenticeship will take 13-15 months to complete and be followed by an independent assessment that will test how they apply their new knowledge and skills with an actual marketing project that will benefit your business and clients.

We talk about making people as miserable as possible, but for the right reasons. We mean we want to test the character of the learner. They will be challenged but they will thank you for the experience!!!

For more details on how an apprenticeship can benefit you and your people, click here.