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By August 21, 2020Interns
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Have you ever wondered what a virtual internship involves? Well, let me tell you my journey of what it’s like to be a marketing intern at Whyy? Change. Now, where do I begin? I know, let’s start with why I applied for Whyy? Change amidst the global coronavirus pandemic. 

Why Whyy? Change? 

I applied through the Sheffield Hallam University class of 2020 virtual internship programme, which was offered exclusively to final year students who were graduating that year. There were many companies to choose from and numerous other marketing roles, but for me, Whyy? Change shone out.  

Throughout my time at university, self-development has always been at the forefront of my mind and actively looked for online courses to study. A particular favourite of mine is the Digital Marketing Fundamentals’ by Google GarageSo when I found out that Whyy? Change was a training provider I knew I’d enjoy working for them.  

My Virtual Internship so far 

The first day was spent in their new COVID safe office in Chapeltown, through distanced meetings I was able to get a deeper understanding of the business and their ambitions, values and culture. Ray, CEO of Whyy? Change is ever so passionate about learning and supporting his learners, employees and tutors. 

For the next few weeks I worked remotely, away from the office due to the government’s COVID19 lockdown rules and the nature of the ‘virtual internships’, this presented some challenges in terms of ensuring there was a stable internet connection for Microsoft Teams calls 

As a marketing Intern I was tasked with creating a communication strategy plan, which allowed me to work on the content and social media channels to useI quickly started creating content using Canva (if you haven’t used it before I’d highly recommend checking it out) and posting content on to their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.  

Additionally, I have been able to work on their campaign content focusing on each of their channels, Apprenticeships, Lean&6 Sigma, Leadership, Marketing, Functional Skills and Quality. Learning about the different channels and courses that Whyy? Change offer has been really insightful widened my understanding of self-development courses. 

Another activity that I have particularly enjoyed is supporting the development of their new website by providing new ideas and feedback on ways to improve it. I’ve also been given the freedom to set up a new Facebook page for them to help reach out to the consumer market which has been exciting! 

The Culture and Values 

The weeks have flown by so quickly and every Friday I’m left thinking, “where did that week go?During my time at Whyy? Change I have learnt so much and picked up so many vital skills, however, there is one thing that can’t be overlooked… and that is the culture of the place and the values that this company stands for. From day one, Integrity, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Delivering Value to Clients was apparent 

It’s often rare for businesses to make their values stand out to their employees but at Whyy? Change it was clear that continuous improvement was being made through their new website, the industry recognised accreditations in CIM, CMI and Pearson Edexcel offering value. Ray (CEO), Emma (Head of Governance) and Joe (Finance & Marketing Intern) who I worked with all showed Integrity and Innovation in their ideas and trust to see things through. 

Skills I’ve further developed from my Internship 

The internship has given me a range of skills, such as copywriting, social media management and content creation. However, one of the most important skills I’ve gained from this internship is analysis. No matter the type of marketing job, there will always be some form of analysis or success measuring; therefore, learning how to do this effectively, is something I am so grateful to have learned. 

I’ve also learnt that no matter what’s going on in the world, don’t let it put you off from applying for an Internship!  

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