5 benefits of working for an SME as an Intern

By August 21, 2020Interns
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You might be thinking, what is an SME? Or wondering, what is it like to work for a small and medium-sized enterprise? Well, in this blog I’ll be explaining what it’s like work for an SME as an intern and the benefits you get.

1 – Making a difference

Firstly, working at Whyy? Change has given me the opportunity to make a real difference within the business, with marketing and finance work that has had a material impact on the performance of the business, that is imperative to the success of the firm over the coming months.  

2 – More responsibility

Next, with only a few members of staff at Whyy? Change, interns are expected to take on important tasks such as marketing directly on social media and assessing the companies tax strategy and decisions. I have been able to lead such projects and be held accountable for their success. 

3 – Work closely with senior business leaders

Thirdly, with an intimate team of staff, I have been able to hold weekly progress meetings with the company CEO and other senior members of staff, as well as discuss my own ideas on a daily basis and receive continued feedback on our work. 

4 – Can move quickly with our own ideas

Moreover, in the absence of a significant corporate hierarchy, I have been able to put forward and implement my own marketing content without restriction from senior staff.  

5 – Flexibility

Finally, at Whyy? Change, staff are encouraged to take initiative and work on tasks that they believe will be beneficial to the business. In my own experience, I had the flexibility to be able to dedicate some time to LinkedIn paid ads as I believed it would improve brand awareness, despite the fact that this project was not within my work schedule.  

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