A sneak peek into our CMI accredited leadership and management apprenticeship

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If you’re wondering what it’s like to take part in a leadership and management course with us, here’s some insight from one of our learners, Christian Pulman from TT Electronics. Christian achieved his Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification this summer after training with us on a leadership and management apprenticeship. Here’s what Christian told us about his time with us:

Christian Pulman CMI leadership and management apprenticeshipWhat was the highlight of your CMI course?

The highlight of the course was receiving the results and then the formal accreditation from CMI Aside from that, the other highlight for me was the weekly discussions that me and Ray had before the sessions started. I found these conversations helpful with my career and they gave me an opportunity to bounce around ideas.

What did you find hard?

The first assignment! Seeing the number of words I needed to do was very daunting at first and it took a while for my brain to kick in! However, as I progressed through the course the assignments got easier and my experience grew. Towards the end, I was having to reduce the number of words I used becasue I was going over the word count!

How did you find taking 20% off the job to focus on your professional development?

I found it fairly easy. If you enjoy getting involved in business activities out of your normal area of work then you’ll find it easy! Always remember to manage your time, so you can get the most benefit out of the 20% – find the time that suits yourself and the business

What would your advice be to other people thinking about doing a course that’s based on an apprenticeship standard?

Be proactive, don’t be afraid to move outside your comfort zone, challenge yourself and keep pushing to improve yourself professionally

How does it feel to have CMI certification?

It is a great feeling. I left school after my GCSEs to go into full-time work. I never imagined I’d get back into education but ten years later I have a level 5 qualification and CMI accreditation.

What are your next steps work-wise? Any new projects, new job roles or new learning on your agenda?

In September I continue my learning journey by starting an MBA at the University of Sheffield. At work, I will continue to learn and grow as a manager – with a view of taking on more responsibility in the coming months.

Thanks Christian for your feedback, and congratulations on your qualification. All the best for the future.

If you’d like to find out more about gaining a professional qualification for yourself or your team by using your apprenticeship levy to take the apprenticeship route, you can find out more on our apprenticeships page. Talk to one of our team about your business training needs.



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