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Meet the team

Raymond Byrne CEO

Chief Executive Officer

Real JobGetting out of the way of talent
Accountable forEverything
SpecialismTransformation & Change
Start DateJanuary 2014
Jedi Skill Level

Emma Harrison

Director of Governance

Real JobProtect the business from Ray
Accountable forVoice of the business
SpecialismQuality Assurance
Start DateJune 2019
Jedi Skill Level

Matthew Trueman

Marketing Lead

Real JobPromote all things Whyy?
Accountable forCommunicate, communicate, communicate
SpecialismDigital Marketing
Start DateJuly 2020
Jedi Skill Level

Rachel King FCIM

Marketing Tutor

Real JobDevelop next generation of communicators
Accountable forCIM Programme delivery
SpecialismPracticing Marketer
Start DateJuly 2018
Jedi Skill Level

Laura Wright

Functional Skills Tutor

Real JobLeader in Life Skills
Accountable forAll things numbers and words
SpecialismPractitioning Teacher
Start DateMarch 2020
Jedi Skill Level

Russell Parramore FBCI, M.ISRM

Business Resilience Tutor

Real JobHelp business prepare for disruption
Accountable forBusiness continuity & Resilience testing
Start DateAugust 2020
Jedi Skill Level

Lynda Holbrey PCQI

Quality HSE Tutor

Real JobMentor in-field practioners
Accountable forAll things Quality HSE
SpecialismISO9001, 14001 & 45001
Start DateOctober 2019
Jedi Skill Level

Leigh Rogers

Aerospace Quality Tutor

Real JobKnow the stuff other don’t
Accountable forAnything that fits into the aerospace bucket
Start DateAugust 2020
Jedi Skill Level

Ruth Byrne


Real JobProtect the business from pandemics
Accountable forCleaning & Events
SpecialismDeep cleaning & Cakes
Start DateJune 2020
Jedi Skill Level