CMI Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Principles of Management & Leadership

Chartered Management Institute work closely with business leaders to understand the knowledge and skills that you want your people to demonstrate to become outstanding future leaders themselves.

Whether they are working to a CMI Level 3 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Principles of Management & Leadership, they will be challenged, they will question themselves….and you, on what is the right way to handle a situation, but that’s what development is all about.

If you want your aspiring managers to stick their toe into leadership, a CMI Level 3 Award is the ideal way to start their development journey.

Award learning route

  • One assignment focusing on building leadership excellence, this is independently assessed by CMI… We don’t mark our own homework!!

Certificate learning route

  • You can choose 3 modules which suit the role or sector your people work in, again, the work produced will be independently assessed by CMI.
  • Learning focuses on the principles of what makes a great leader.
  • How to drive performance to achieve measurable results.
  • Understand why people react how they do when faced with change.
  • How to use numbers and words effectively and present with maximum impact.
  • Understand how you conduct yourself affects others.

Diploma learning route

  • Select a combination of 8 modules which will challenge and stretch your people, enabling them to develop and support your wider team and drive results for your business.
  • As well as the learning modules in the Certificate route, they can develop skills in juggling budgets and headcount as changes happen every day.
  • Understand basic project management to highlight process improvements… Helping your business be more efficient.
  • Know who your stakeholders are and how to engage with them.


If you’re thinking about your people taking  the CMI Level 3 Diploma in Principles of Management & Leadership, why not go for the added qualification with an Apprenticeship and get a minimum of 95% of the  training funded!!

They will follow a path of learning which delivers what business leaders need of their aspiring managers in the 21st century and will receive the CMI Level 3 Diploma in Principles of Management & Leadership and Team Leader / Supervisor Apprentice standard Certificate at the end of their 12-14 month development journey.

We talk about making people as miserable as possible, but for the right reasons. We mean we want to test the character of the learner. We want them to apply this new learning to transform your business.

They will become living, breathing practitioners who have the skills to have those difficult conversations and drive your results for your business.

For more details on how a leadership apprenticeship can benefit you and your people, click here.