Whyy? Change Consulting Reference from Penny Hydraulics Ltd – Project and Programme Management Training and Mentoring

 The Project and Programme management training is a thoroughly engaging and thought provoking course which will undoubtedly help us to drive our business forward in a structured and successful manner. It is wonderful to see that all levels of the company are now excited for what the future holds.

The sessions were exceptionally well presented by our tutor, Managing Consultant – Raymond Byrne and there was an excellent mix of theory, practical exercises and meaningful discussion throughout.

Focus was given to the day to day issues we face as a company and through discussion and guidance from our instructor, we were able to put forward practical solutions and techniques to drive our business forwards.

A long term continuous improvement plan is now in place within Penny Hydraulics with a dedicated team responsible for implementing this. We are currently working to reduce lead times and operating costs by removing non-value-added steps in our processes. In layman’s terms, the mentoring has helped us to focus on the elimination of any unnecessary activities within the business, and to coordinate activities.

The changes being made as a result of this training are helping to improve the quality of our products and services as perceived by our customer base, make bottom line cost savings, reduce our process cycle times, create a competitive edge, drive sales growth, improve internal and external communication and improve ROI.

A huge thank you to Whyy? Change for the on-going programme support, we would not hesitate to recommend this approach to other companies.

Jess Penny General Manager

Penny Hydraulics Ltd, Clowne, S43 4AB