Pearson Edexcel certificate in Functional Skills: Maths Level 2

Through our partnership with Pearson Edexcel we are able to bring you the reformed functional skills in Mathematics at Level 2, with the emphasis pivoting to the core understanding of the concept and the process used to reach the solution.

Underpinning skills form 25% of the marks awarded and phrases the learning within a context to assess the learners’ knowledge and understanding rather than their ability to apply this knowledge and understanding.

The problem-solving skills focuses on the structure and plan utilised to reach the solution (in line with the old adage of… Always show your workings!) rather than the maths itself.

The assessment of the reforms is also changing, to incorporate the non-calculator and calculator assessments. These will be sat as one assessment, with the assessment lengths being:

90 minutes

Non Calculator
25 minutes

115 minutes

and Pearson Edexcel will have recognised your achievement by surpassing the requirements for a PASS.

Don’t tell anybody but we’ve added a few insider tips, so you know what the examiners are thinking…

  1. Workings are always required. To make it as clear as day, if learners do not show working, then will get no marks!
  2. All the marks on the mark scheme are designed to be awarded, and the examiner should reward the learner for what they have shown rather than penalised for omissions.
  3. The marking scheme is split between process and evidence. In most questions the majority of marks are awarded for the process the learner uses to reach an answer. The evidence column shows the most likely examples seen.
  4. If working is crossed out and still legible, then it should be marked, as long as it has not been replaced by alternative work.
  5. A suspected misread, e.g. 595 instead of 559 may still gain process marks provided the question has not been simplified.

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  • Read, write, order and  compare numbers.
  • Carry out calculations with numbers.
  • Evaluate expressions in formulae.
  • Identify and know the equivalence between fractions, decimals and percentages.
  • Express one number as a fraction of another
  • And many more…

Using Measures, Shapes and Space

  • Calculate amounts of money, compound interest.
  • Convert between metric and imperial units of measure.
  • Calculate using compound measures including speed, density and rates of pay.
  • Calculate perimeter and areas of shapes.
  • Draw 3D shapes to include plans and elevations.
  • Any many more…

Handling Information
and Data

  • Calculate the median and mode of a set of quantities.
  • Compare two sets of data.
  • Express probability of combined events as fractions, decimal and percentages.
  • Draw and interpret diagrams.
  • Any many more…