Pearson Edexcel certificate in Functional Skills: English Level 2

Through our partnership with Pearson Edexcel we are able to bring you the reformed functional skills in English at Level 2, with the emphasis on making the content demanding enough to provide a platform to help you to achieve career progression, build these skills in real life and communicate strongly with increased independence.

There are 3 methods of assessment, Reading, Writing and Speaking, Listening & Communicating.

Reading – should include a range of straightforward and complex texts on a range of topics and of varying lengths that instruct, describe, explain, and persuade.

Writing – should include straightforward and complex texts such as articles, narratives, explanations, and reports of varying lengths.

Speaking, Listening & Communicating – should include extended narratives, detailed explanations, information, discussions, and presentations all of varying lengths.

75 minutes

60 minutes

Speak, Listen & Communicate
40 minutes

175 minutes

By being successful in your study, The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulations (Ofqual) and Pearson Edexcel will have recognised your achievement by surpassing the requirements for a PASS.

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What they are looking out for…

  • Compare ideas and opinions between documents.
  • Decide what is implicit and inferred meaning.
  • Understand and use reference materials and resources.
  • Recognise and analyse different levels of complex text.
  • Identify the writers voice.
  • And many more…


Your spelling and grammar is assessed as well as…

  • Use more complex punctuation correctly.
  • Spell everyday words and some more complex ones too.
  • Use persuasive techniques to get your point across.
  • Organise your writing for the type of work you are doing eg use of tables, paragraphs, bullet points.
  • Be clear and write with purpose.
  • Any many more…

Speak, Listen &

  • Identify the points you need from a presentation.
  • Express your opinions and back it up with a persuasive argument.
  • Respond effectively to feedback and questions on your presentation.
  • Make relevant points to move the conversation on.
  • Redirect the conversation flow using the right language.
  • Any many more…