Frequently Asked Questions

Why accreditation is important?

The days when on-line certification was a badge of competence have long passed, and to be recognised as professional, a credible test of knowledge, practical application and learning attitude of the candidate is needed.

Our Royal Statistical Society (RSS) accredited training follows a stringent and challenging pathway that tests the competencies, aptitude and leadership of the candidate to ensure that they can continue to deliver the results your business demands.

What is in it for the business?

ISO18404:2015 is an auditable certification ensures that your team are truly capable to lead transforming projects and programmes and deliver the right answers. The certification needs to be maintained, and as such will to form the basis of their on-going professional development.

What is in it for the candidate?

For many years, lean & six sigma certification has been unregulated and had a hint of the ‘wild west’. Well no more! The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) have created international standard 18404 that is auditable every 3 years and challenges the candidate to demonstrate the required skills and behaviours expected of today’s  change agents.

Having this accreditation demonstrates your competencies to:

  • Lead multi-functional teams in change programmes
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve quality
  • Train others
  • Identify the appropriate solution

But more importantly, business now demands it. Enrolment onto the RSS register, places you in a strong position that will create opportunities to advance your career.