Join us for a negotiation skills workshop and networking

By December 5, 2019Apprenticeships, Business

Negotiation skills workshop and networking

This one-day, highly acclaimed Negotiation workshop on 2 January will give you a major advantage over 95% of the people you interact with.

Get your working year off to a great new start

Start your year with a big investment in your career and life by participating in this highly acclaimed Negotiation workshop. In one day you will have a major advantage over 95% of the people you interact with. The only cost to you is one day of your life, to make a huge impact on your life and career

The workshop will be conducted by Sean Maloney, an ENS International certified Negotiation and Influencing Expert, who has trained clients from U.K., Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA, Nordics and Central America.

You will learn how to set yourself up for success, how to use and counteract tactics, handling emotions, adopt the appropriate style, plan and execute your negotiation strategy, how to achieve the best outcome for you, understanding negotiation and legal terminology

The workshop incorporates best ideas from Harvard Law School, ENS International and the Black Swan Group and is supplemented with practical workshops. The Kolb Adult Learning Model is used extensively.

Whyychange, a local skills Consultancy is hosting this event as a commitment to the success of companies and people in the Sheffield Area

Places are limited, so please confirm your place.

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