Use your Apprenticeship Levy funds to train tomorrow’s managers


We can all probably think of a bad manager or two who we have encountered during our careers. There are a variety of things that can make someone a bad manager: a lack of communication skills, bad work ethic, or simply being uninspiring. Whatever the reason, at its root is often a lack of basic management training. Many managers just happen to find themselves in a position having worked their way up. This is great, as hiring from within can create a great culture, however this can lead to managers ending up in positions where they have had no formal management training.


What would we say good training looks like? For us at Whyy? Change, it’s certainly not sitting and staring at a PowerPoint for 2 hours on a Wednesday afternoon and filling out a form to say you’ve attended a workshop. The best way to learn is to do, fail, and learn the lessons from it. This is why the apprenticeship levy is a great strategic tool. Using this money to train managers represents a great investment in the future of any organisation. Using it to train those with the potential to be great leaders also represents a great investment in staff and, in turn, you’ll be rewarded with loyalty, a great future manager, and (hopefully) better performance.


The Chartered Management Institute offer more than one apprenticeship in Leadership and Management, with modules such as leading teams, dealing with conflict, and health and safety at work, among others. These apprenticeships allow you to nurture your employee to be the best they can. The reason why apprenticeships can be so useful is that there are specific criteria – knowledge, skills, and behaviours –  which must be demonstrated. However, by discussing other areas of training with your provider, you can add this into the apprenticeship. Here at Whyy? Change this could involve Continuous Improvement training such as a Lean Yellow Belt course, sales training, and even consultancy.


Give us a call and see how we can ensure you spend your levy funds where it matters or join us on June 20th to discuss all things the apprenticeship levy.


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