5 examples of Leadership as told by some familiar faces

What makes a good leader? Are they all about results? All about being liked? All about keeping staff happy? Here are some examples of good and bad leadership, as told by some faces you may recognise!

Target Driven Leader

bad leader

Mr Krabs cares for money over his staff welfare

This leader cares about one thing and one thing only, money. They will make their employees miserable, make them work long hours and usually pay them poorly.  They will refuse to spend money on developing staff and wonder why morale is low and staff turnover is high. Add to this the enormous dividends they take from the company and you have a recipe for a terrible conveyor belt culture.

Deceitful Leader

Dick Dastardly would use any shifty tactic to win or stop that pigeon!

This leader will promise their employees the world…to their face. They will tell employees how well they are doing, how invaluable they are, all the while blaming them for the failings of his department to the directors. This leader’s loyalties lie wherever their reputation is most affected and where there is most personal gain to be had. They will use any tactic possible to gain leverage on fellow members of staff and are not adverse to stabbing in the back.

Autocratic Leader

bad management

Fear mongering may have worked for Roy Keane during his playing days but he was quickly out of his depth in a Management Role

This leader rules by fear. They expect instant results and when that is not achieved, your neck is on the line. This leader retains all power, authority, and control, and reserves the right to make all decisions. There is no room for discussion or debate, its their way or no way at all. It may feel like you are treading on eggshells in an office with this type of leader. To make matters worse, despite delegating the work and expecting perfection, they will take all credit for a team effort!

It’ll be alright on the night


This leader is likeable, friends with everybody, lots of energy and enthusiasm. However, they are also way out of their depth. This leader hides their weaknesses by laughing through the pain and avoids confrontation rather than addressing key issues. They assume everything will fall into place. Typical characteristics are poor planning, a lack of ability to adapt when situations are unfavourable, and this usually leads to poor performance as chaos spreads through the team. This person rarely has control over their team however well liked they are.


So which Familiar Face Is the leader we should all aspire to be?


Woody was the ideal leader, and had the ideal sidekick in Buzz!

Yes, Woody! This lovable cowboy epitomises everything good leaders should be. Good leaders are not all about themselves. They care about the team they have now, without forgetting about those who they worked with before (remember Wheezy?). This type of leadership strikes the correct balance between interacting with staff, engaging them in meaningful activities, without forgetting that they also do require some direction. They are also not afraid to show weaknesses, and although they may have a blip every now and then, they seek assurances and advice from those around them to ensure the task gets done effectively.


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