What type of Leader are you?


What type of Leader are you?

Here at Whyy Change we believe that leaders should not micro manage, they should empower their employees to learn, grow and develop using accountability as the tool to help the individual, not hinder them. They should also not be afraid of ‘mucking in’ and doing the dirty work – as you can see our CEO Ray doing!


Too often we see the use of targets and visual management as a scare tactic within organisations, causing unnecessary pressure, workload, and negative morale but most importantly waste whether that be time, money or resources. In the case of manufacturing industries, this is what we want to avoid. By using this technique within leadership, it encourages hiding of problems. Teams or individuals try to produce as much as possible and this causes inconsistencies and increases cost.


By giving employees more accountability and responsibility, you nurture a sense of pride in the work they are doing, because they own it, it is their ‘baby’. Take for example Hannah here at Whyy Change. From day 1 her ‘baby’ was to successfully deliver CMI accreditation. She was trusted with the responsibility and accountability this comes with. She managed this, called for support when needed and delivered the project on time.


Autocratic micro managing of individuals is only useful for increasing stress on your employees, stunting their development and causing more unnecessary work for the leaders, if you do not trust your staff to do the job right, you should not have hired them to begin with.


To learn more about how we can help you to bring through the leaders of the future contact us or have a look at the CMI Accredited Courses we offer http://whyychange.com/leadership-and-management/.




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