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3 Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

Productivity is all the rage. The UK is at X, France is at Y, but what does this mean for us, the doers behind the metrics?

The Guardian (2018) reports that almost half a million businesses will face significant financial distress in the final quarter of 2018. They state that companies are looking to cut cost, and improve productivity. This coming after only 2 weeks ago were the media heralding the ‘biggest increase in UK productivity in 6 years’.

Clearly this is not enough for a lot of companies. Here we list our top 3 simple tips for improving productivity in the workplace.


1. Change your MIND-SET on how your approach work at work


Technology is good, but we will always need people. How about if you were to sit down, and identify the time in your day, where productivity slows down, and consider why?

You will probably find it’s the time between events or overrun on unstructured meeting.

Once you are conscious of your productivity issues, ask your team(s) to do the same.

So, our tip is open up. Find the ‘time vampires’ in your day, and change how you manage how you interact.


2. Have a plan


We live with plans for production, distribution, and paying the bills, but do we have a plan that brings all the productivity traps together in one home.

Organise yourselves. Have a chat, and capture them in one place. All for the grand price of a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit.

3. Show the Money

The old adage says, if you don’t measure it, it won’t happen. Well the same applies to productivity. It’s all about lost opportunity, which really means money.


How about including targeted incentives to focus your team on actually fixing problems, instead of using their creativity to compensate for problems.


Everything helps. Give it a go.

Speak with us about how we can help increase your productivity and ultimately save your business money.

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