Who We Work With at Whyy?

Advanced Manufacture & Engineering

This sector covers a range of industries as set out below, and looks to capture the use of any technology to improve supply chain, process or manufactured products.

  • Automotive, Rail and Aerospace
  • Electronics and Materials
  • Defence and Security

Construction & Infrastructure

Any business involves with the design, construction, and management of significant and large projects that directly affect consumers. The range of industries include:

  • Water and Utility companies
  • House Builders
  • Civil Engineering

Business & Professional Services

We are a nation of service providers, and as such have the same people and process challenges that effect our more traditional manufacturing and engineering sectors. It all happens in the back-office, with a focus on ‘ease of use’ in the eyes of the customer.

  • Banking
  • Legal Services
  • Contact Centres

Supply Chain & Transportation

Any enterprise engaged in the movement of product, information or people from place to place, and facilitated by the use of processes to delivery on time and in full to meet consumer needs. Industries include:

  • Transportation and Hauliers
  • Logistical Warehouse companies
  • Software providers