Teconnex Ltd

TWA Lean Consulting Limited are our service provider since June 2015 for all operation excellence activities at our site in Keighley, West Yorkshire.
Support services received

• Business/Strategic diagnostic review
• Value stream mapping – Vision
• Business planning 1 year, 2 year and 5 year projections – Preparation, Evaluation, Reviews
• Foreign exchange planning – Transaction risk management
• Capital business case reviews – ROI evaluations
• Mentoring Line Managers
• Introduction of continuous improvements tools and techniques
• Independent ‘critical friend’ reviews that are an input to 2020 improvement committee reviews

Teconnex is a business of 500+ employees and has had very little exposure to the continuous improvement methodology. Since June 2015, the benefits have been seen in the Senior Management Team (SMT) regarding strategy and deployment and from the shop-floor in terms of engaging the operational teams in solving their own problems.
Ray is passionate about driving real improvements and will always go the extra mile to ensure delivery. Originally having a service partner seemed uncontrollable, however we have found the ‘critical friend’ a crucial tool to support our journey.

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Kingspan Environmental Ltd

Based in Wakefield, Kingspan Environmental used Whyy? Change for expert help to identify and eliminate waste in its manufacturing and administration processes and to introduce greater controls and auditable system measures to prepare its staff for increased production and future growth.

Established over 30 years ago, Kingspan provides a complete range of top quality hot water cylinders to the new build and existing housing market. The management team identified that its business processes had not been improved for many years and felt that they would become a bottleneck as sales volumes increased. Whyy? Change specialist Raymond Byrne was therefore invited to partner with the company to tighten up its process controls, develop the staff and lay the foundations for future growth.

“Whyy? Change involved our employees in the project from the outset and between them they identified many areas where we could make significant improvements. The approach to coaching and mentoring with the focus on the team being held accountable for applying the methodology has really worked and we are seeing tangible changes in culture resulting in real and tangible benefits. Our relationship with Whyy? Change based has created a ‘win-win’ partnership based on service delivery has removed the fire-fighting mentality of old. In the Spring, Whyy? Change will be providing mentoring services to our new production managers to instill the values and behaviours expects from all future leaders.”

William Alexander, Operations Manager – Stainless

“Understanding lean principles and looking at my role from another perspective has allowed me to see improvement opportunities that are in my power to influence. Ray genuinely considered all of my suggestions to improve the processes and enhance the efficiency of the company.”

Chloe Stubley, Planning Manager

How Whyy? Change helped Whyy? Change’s remit was to improve the culture of the staff and hold them accountable for improving processes with a view to reducing wasted activity.

One of the major issues for the organisation, which had been highlighted during a recent Employee Engagement programme, was the inability of the administration team to match the aspirations of the production staff – leading to tensions between the two groups.

Whyy? Change specialist Ray Byrne therefore began the project by defining and charting the current processes, liaising with staff to ensure that all steps had been included. A series of process metrics were defined as a measure of the current position and to determine the degree of improvement possible.

Involving the workforce was key and training was provided to introduce the mind-set needed to ensure that improvements made were clearly identified, waste removed and ownership for sustainable transferred to process owners.

A package of initial recommendations was circulated to both the administrative and production staff, allowing them to add further comments and to test out the feasibility of the proposals. The aim at this stage was to outline all the issues and determine the major aspects of the business that could be improved.

Following a series of informal meetings, the preliminary recommendations were then confirmed as working proposals that could be introduced.

The findings were then presented to the management team, along with an action plan for implementation. The action plan contained a priority ranking to ensure that the recommendations were implemented in the correct order and would therefore yield the anticipated benefits.


Using Lean and Six Sigma methodology, the team successfully defined the organisation’s key processes and metrics, and then removed any wasted activity.

The main focus however, was its people. Working with Whyy? Change to become involved in improving their own ways of working, and to make a valid contribution to improving their company as a whole. This was an opportunity that employees had not been given for many years, and has greatly boosted morale amongst the team.

The early phases of our partnership and resulted in over 44 recommendations, of which around half resulted in immediate bottom line benefits for the company.

The service partnership is documented monitored and reviewed and is continuing to benefit on a pay-back ratio of 10:1.

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